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How to Bypass Waiting Time on www.4shared.com 25 Desember 2010

Posted by yorigroup in Tips dan Trik.
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I will go straightly to the point of this article.

we are going to use javascript command

Step by step
1. Open your browser,

2. Prepare the link which you will download
for example : http://www.4shared.com/audio/kR0jhphS/Kesha_-_We_R_Who_We_R__2010_.htm

copy the link your address bar and press Enter.

3. Normally you will see “Download Now” button, we are going to skip that
Now copy this text to address bar
without quote mark and press Enter

4. You will see a text like this
function startDownload() { window.location = “http://dc207.4shared.com/download/kR0jhphS/Kesha_-_We_R_Who_We_R__2010_.mp3?tsid=20101225-051925-264a01b“; }

Just copy the http address NOT the entire sentence (the format is shown like the bold  and underlined http address above)

5. Copy the link above, for example

to Internet Download Manager (IDM) or copy the link directly the adress bar of your browser again and press Enter.

6. You can download the desired files without waiting but remember the premium feature will not work.

Note: this trick still has small opportunity not working sometimes , So be patient

Any Question, just write your comment below

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1. Pramaratha - 30 Januari 2011

This trick is not working on 4shared.com.
I have tried it many times. The URL shown is found to be false!
just check it out again!

2. badr - 9 Juli 2011

It won’t work for me i copied “javascript:startDownload” without the quote but it won’t work :<(

3. Umar - 25 Agustus 2011

Thank you so much…its working for meeeeeeeee…mmmuaaah

yorigroup - 25 Agustus 2011

@Pramaratha : you must not copy the entire link. After you paste the javascript command Just copy the http address link (without quote mark off course).

4. waofls - 21 September 2011

Thank you very much!
It is working on IE, but *Chrome* is not work 😦

anyway, I LOVE YOU haha

5. cumilaut - 27 September 2011

isnt work anymore

6. Aaron - 18 Oktober 2011

Just view the source page and search for “dc” without quotes
click “next” or something like that until you find the address it should be like this:

http://dc(3 random numbers).4shared.com/download/(some kind of code)/(Name of the file)?tsid=(some numbers separated with – )

sorry for my english..
i’m indonesian

7. ken - 22 Oktober 2011

yes, it work for me too!!!
nice shared bro!!

it worked on firefox,
maybe in all browser except chrome

8. Harsh - 4 November 2011

Thanks for the info bro… Its working cool.. U rock!!!

9. aijaz - 26 November 2011

itsssssssss workingggggg greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt

10. yourika - 30 November 2011

I observe that this works for the files of small size. But not for the files of big size.

11. neo metagenesis - 1 Desember 2012

just use http://4server.info copy your url than paste there, after that just click generate

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